Management Development Program (MDP) 1st Round in Kuala Lumpur, 25 – 27 April 2018

The trip to Kuala Lumpur this time was to attend the Management Development Program (MDP) organized by the company with the objective is to enhance the company productivity and performance by strengthening key managerial skills including communication performance and development management, empowerment and accountability, driving change, coaching and maximizing team’s performance. These two and half days course found very useful and applicable to use in daily work activities for professionals both as individual contributor and as part of the teamwork.

The participants of this MDP were coming mostly from KL & Jakarta office and belong to various sectors such as urban development, power and energy division and transport sector. Their roles mostly working as managers, engineers and architect. The course program consist of materials presentation by instructor  and followed by various games to simulate the situations where the participants acted both as direct reports and the leaders. There were some learning objectives we have taken into account where we were working in both positions and mostly to improve our behavioral skills.

Some of the materials topic which included key principles in communicating with direct reports, interaction guidelines, setting goals reviewing the results, executing strategy and how to perform coaching and provide feedback to direct reports. These materials were delivered successfully by the trainer and professionals were expected to start implementing it when they came back to their working activities. The second round of this program will be then conducted in the second of July this year, Looking forward to it.




This KL trip also was giving an opportunity for me to visit KL tower and Central Market in the downtown of KL and took some photos on it. KL Tower is one of the tallest towers in the world with more than 420 meters height. I remembered back in September 2016 I also visited Skytree tower in Tokyo where the height is 634 meters. Looking forward to visit the other tallest towers in the world.


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