Indonesia International Geothermal Exhibition and Convention, 2 – 4 August 2017

The event was held at Jakarta Convention Center consisting of Convention and Exhibition from 2 – 4th of August 2017.  As the  the exhibition was free of charge, we just need to register online or upon arrival.

There were some exhibitors we might know already who are playing aggressively in this field such as ORMAT. We went to their booth where Erman & I got brief introduction to their binary patented technology. They mentioned first unit of Sarulla Geothermal previously planned for 65 MW but after decision to go with Binary they could operate on 110 MW capacity. The first unit is under operation for nearly 6 months now.

We also went APEXINDO & SCHLUMBERGER booths where they are actively in geothermal drilling activities. In this exhibition you might have found ESDM Renewable Energy Department Booth, SUPREME and several geothermal suppliers/vendors. One of friends from Star Energy, the company who acquired Chevron G.Salak dan Darajat Geothermal, he did 2 technical paper with regard to geothermal power plant operation and maintenance optimization strategy.

Reported by Habibie Razak – PII Gas Division

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