Technical Visit to MRT Jakarta Construction Site, 28 September 2017

One of the biggest and challenging transportation projects in Indonesia now is the MRT Jakarta construction financed by the Japan Bank for International Cooperation in 2006. The first phase project started to kickoff since 2008 starting from design phase, procurement till construction. The construction progress has now reached 90% completion and expected to commission and operate in 2019. This first phase project is being constructed for approximately 16 kilometers from Lebak Bulus station down to Bundaran Hotel Indonesia which consists of  13 stations with  1 Depot.

Hasanuddin University Alumnus organized the proposal to visit the construction site and approved by the Management of PT MRT Jakarta. The event was conducted on Wednesday morning, 28th of September 2017 attended by 20 alumnus from Hasanuddin University. The event was firstly opened by Ir. William Syahbandar, President Director of PT MRT Jakarta and continued with his presentation on the company overview, vision and mission and its current and future projects. In his speech he expected MRT Jakarta will be the benchmark for other big cities in Indonesia to start developing their transportation system as the first thing to do couple years back by the company was also to benchmark the big cities in the world which were already implementing this MRT system. “We are developing this project based on the latest MRT technology” as Mr. Willy said.

This technical visit led and guided directly by Mr. William Syahbandar and his team. Prior to enter project site the participants were wearing the personnel protective equipment (PPE) consist of safety boots, hard hat dan safety vest. The HSE team of MRT Jakarta briefed the safety induction to all participants for 15 minutes. As the construction progress is already 90 percent completion, the main structure such as diaphragm wall, columns, and beams are already completed. The railway and sleepers are also nearly complete and the remaining works are more on the construction of the architectural buildings inside the station such as office, shops, escalators, and others. Lobby, information desk, automatic ticket dispensing machines, one-way fare-gates and so on will be provided soon as part of the main facilities inside the station.

Questions and answers between participants and MRT Jakarta team were very interactive during the visit and during nearly 2 hours visit the participants should have gained more information on the technical and commercial aspects of this particular project. This visit was dismissed and continued with lunch time session at Plaza Indonesia.




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