Technical Visit to Indonesia Infrastructure Week, 8 – 10 November 2017

The Indonesia Infrastructure week was held from 8 – 10 November 2017 in Jakarta Convention Center. Unlike previous year’s event, these three days seminar and exhibitions only presented 4 sectors which are: water, rail, ports and traffic infrastructures. The event didn’t present any sponsors and booth participants from energy infrastructure sectors.

The exhibition booths which I visited on first day of the event such as the booth belongs to the National Construction Services Development Agency (LPJK) under supervision of the Ministry of Public Works and Housings. The presentation of the booth was more to emphasize on the construction professionals certification in Indonesia which was ruled under the Law No.2/2017 regarding Construction Services. One of the speakers from LPJK, Ir. Bachtiar Sirajuddin mentioned, the competency standard of construction professionals including Engineers working in the field of constructions was already included in the national work competency standards issued by the ministry of manpower. The construction workers both experts and skilled will need to be certified by profession certification body called LSP and later registered to the Ministry of Public Works and Housings.


The other booths that I visited was belong to Hauraton, a German’s drainage channel product. This booth was located closely to other German’s affiliated company booths. The state owned enterprises such as WIKA, Pembangunan Perumahan, Waskita Karya and others were also present as the booth exhibitors. They mostly introduced their logistic infrastructure products such as concrete technology, sheet pilings, and construction equipment. as part of the event, there were several seminars organized by IAI, the Indonesian Architect Institution and the Association of Construction Companies in Indonesia. One of the companies from China also introduced the technology of high speed train.

PLN as the state-owned electricity company was also shown up in the event and this time they were more in giving generic promotion of what PLN has been serving for community in term of electricity needs.




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